October 16, 2006


So my current stay-at-home project is taking quite a bit longer than I thought. I'm working on argyle socks - a project I had wanted to start for myself - but hastily grabbed by my DH.

"Why don't you knit me socks?" he inquires. (Well, mainly because the second he comes into the house he takes off any socks that he might have been wearing. If it's the weekend, chances are he isn't wearing any.)

So here we go:

Pattern from Moth Heaven - thank you!

Since I abhore seaming, I'm knitting these in the round - actually much simpler than I thought. According this website, you just do a yarn over at the beginning of the round, and then knit it together with the last stitch in the round. Then, turn your work around, yarnover, and purl back the way you came. This way, you don't need to carry the yarn not being worked at all. Pretty nifty!

Of course, there are a lot of pieces of yarn to keep track of...


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