November 08, 2006

Lets call them green

I've finally finished my first pair of Jaywalkers! I know I'm seriously behind this trend, but I probably knitted these three times by the time I finished. All my fault.

Firstly, I didn't check the needle size. I remembered that Grumperina almost always uses size 0 (2mm) needles, and assumed that this would be no different. So, I knit the entire first sock without even trying them on. I wanted the surprise. Or so I thought. When I couldn't get the first one on my foot, I realized something was wrong.

First, I thought, my heel flap was too short. I had noted from others who had knit the Jaywalker pattern that the pattern itself was not too stretchy. I figured if the heel flap was longer, I'd have no problem getting the sock on. So, I cast on again, merrily knit (on 2mm) the ribbing, the ankle, the heel flap, turned the heel and did my gusset decreases and tried them on again. I'm sure you can see where I'm going here, I still couldn't get them on, and I was MAD.

Next thought: I'm knitting really tightly, perhaps I'm stressed. Maybe I'll go up a needle size and try again. Wait, before I do that lets check the pattern. Oh. 2.25mm. I guess that explains it.

Still, after finally finishing, I have decided that I LOVE this pattern and will definitely do it again. Once the rage wears off. (For anyone that's interested, the yarn is Regia, not sure of the colourway, purchased at The Wool Bin in Oakville. If I'd finished them sooner, the label would have still been around and I'd know what colour they were. Lets call them green.)

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