November 01, 2006

Evil, or just Really Hungry?

Since I was having difficulties getting a decent indoor photo of my scarf, I headed outside where I found this:

Our birdfeeder, faithfully filled up on Sunday, to provide some sustenance for those poor birds who decide for whatever reason not to migrate from our frigid country. It hasn't even snowed yet. I blame the Mourning Doves - they seem to be the bird bullies around here.

On a happier note, a finished object!

Pattern: Yarn Harlot
Yarn: Red Heart Light and Lofty in Cafe au Lait
Yardage: about 160 yards (slightly more than one ball)
Yarn Source: Michaels
Needles: 8mm (US 11) (Mine are marked 8mm, but are actually 7.5mm according to my needle-sizing tool - I don't think that there is a US equivalent for 7.5mm?)
Gauge: 11st to 4in in pattern
Final Size - 7 x 60 inches

This was a great knit - really quick (of course the variance between using 8mm needles vs the 2mm needles on DH's socks helps) and the finished result is perfect, and balances really nicely with my new brown jacket. I'd take photos, but I don't have a mirror in my backyard (really!) and the pics I'm trying to take indoors just aren't working. The yarn colour was perfect - cafe au lait - I was originally thinking cream, but this yarn is cream with a little brown in it and works even better.

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