November 18, 2006

If they only knew...

So I've signed up for two Cardigan for Arwen KALs (as well as an Icarus KAL, but that's another story). I didn't mean to sign up for two, I didn't think one was allowing me to sign up, so I signed up for a different one, then realized the first one had worked. However, seeing as how I mean to knit this pattern at least twice, I think this is okay.

Although I already have the yarn/needles/swatch done for the version for me, up first is one for my friend's daughter who is nearly one. Yes, one. Twelve months. Small. That means a lot of altering of the pattern.

So, I did this swatch last night:

Although the yarn is worsted weight, similar to that called for in the pattern, the swatch is done on size 4mm (size 6) needles instead of 5mm. I just found that the cable looked a little sloppy in the 5mm (size 8). The cable on the right is an altered version using single stitch width cables instead of the doubles used in the pattern. I thought that using the same cable on a child's cardigan might have been a little overpowering, but I think it's still going to look okay.

Also, it's a cheat swatch - I've used this yarn before, so I know what will happen in the washer/dryer - so, I'm not going to wait a day to see what happens. Yeah, I'm a risk taker that way.

Other modifications - I'm thinking about doing it with a zipper down the front, which took a lot of math - the pattern as written overlaps the cables, with no fastening when measuring the chest. Also, I'm looking for ways to avoid as much seaming as possible - we'll see whether they work or not as we go along.

Lets get started!

P.S. I'm sure my neighbours must think I'm crazy taking photographs of little pieces of yarn. Just think what they would do if they knew that after these photos? The needles are coming off, and the yarn reverted to it's former, (but slightly more crinkly) state.

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi there. Spotted that you are knitting up a child-size Arwen. I was thinking of doing the same for my 7 year-old niece!