November 26, 2006

Project Clash

Not as in, Project "Clash", but more as in multiple projects clashing. There's only so much time in a day, people!

So my two KAL projects are coming along nicely. Baby Arwen was proceeding very quickly, here's the completed back:

My apologies for the awful pictures, but it's really hard to take decent photos when one leaves the house before it gets light, and gets home after it's already dark. Of course, some might say, "but she's posting on Sunday". That's true, but the pics were taken during the week.

The back, like everyone else's, is square, and pretty boring. Large swatch, some might say. The only drama here, and it's not unique, others have been doing it too, is knitting the folded up section in as you go - less sewing later!

Left front begun:

And that's as far as I got before my Alpaca Cloud arrived for Icarus. Let me say how pleased I am with this yarn (despite having to wind it by hand - the ballwinder's on my Christmas list, 440 yards is not fun). The colourway is Midnight, and I thought it was going to be black. Although the main colour is black, it's got some great depth, greens and blues - can't wait to see this in real light! First repeat of Chart 1 complete:

See the complete absence of lifelines? Yup, I like living on the edge. Crazy? Maybe.


jody said...

the back looks great! you're really speeding along.

as for the alpaca cloud, i had the same reaction. i love the yarn, but was surprised at its color variation when i saw it in person. i still think it's really pretty, but it defintely has a green tint to it.

i think icarus will look awesome in it.

JennyRaye said...

I love Alpaca Cloud! I have used Tidepool--lovely Caribbean looking color and have iris and autumn waiting in the wings. Some stream is on its way to me. Hands down my favorite lace yarn to date, but I haven't been knitting lace long.

Still need to start my dd's Arwen.

Lucinda said...

That's a great start to your Icarus! Mine is temporarily on hold while I work on other December knitting.