December 07, 2006

Baby Galadriel

So I've decided that I've changed Cardigan for Arwen too much to keep calling it that. Baby Arwen was cute, but then I decided that the cable was just too heavy. It took up more than a third of the width of the left front, and I felt that it was going to be so stiff, that the hood would stand up by itself! (Not a feature I was going for.) So, cable change = name change, so I went with the other elf.

So, it was frogged, and now I've finished the left front (minus the hood) and started the right.

Closeup of sleeve cuff and front cable - basic braid. The only problem is that it's not reversible. Still, I like the balance much better.

Finally, I started the Bayerische Socks by Eunny ages ago, and got stopped about here:

The problem? I think they're too small. If I start to try them on, the needles start to bend (2mm). All my circs are currently in projects. If I take it off the needles, I have to try and pick up all 96 of those little stitches. Also, it took me forever to get this far!
The dilemma is huge. On the plus side, the pattern is divine, and quite easy to learn. I just love the way the ribbing flows into the cables, and now all my socks are going to have twisted ribbing - it's so much neater!

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FemiKnitMafia said...

Nice mods! I can't wait to see it come togethere.