December 23, 2006

My apologies for the gap in posting. Trust me, it isn't because I haven't been knitting - pretty much the opposite. Reading everyone's blogs at this time of year always amazes me - the amount of knitting that gets done in such a short time just because of that little deadline of December 25th.

Myself, I had three projects in mind. One, a pair of socks for Danielle at work. I'll have a pic once she sends one to me. I actually finished the second one and grafted the toe at her desk. So much for the plans of running them through the washer and dryer before she got them (and perhaps wrapping them in festive paper).

Two, Cardigan for Arwen from Interweave Knits scaled down for my friend's daughter Sophie. That, sadly didn't make it. Her birthday is early Jan, so it's turned into a birthday present instead.

Three, Icarus Shawl from Interweave Knits. This one has been in progress for about a month. I used Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks, colourway Midnight. I knew from the start that I'd be deviating from the pattern somewhat. The yarn called for is 400 yards/50 grams, and mine is 440 yards/50 grams. So, it has slightly more wpi, and is therefore slightly finer. When I started, using the suggested needles (3.25mm circular) it felt all wrong, so I switched to 2.5mm. I thought that I might put in an extra repeat of chart 1, but thought I might run out of yarn. So, as I doggedly worked through it, I was constantly worried that it was going to be too small. Plus, this thing takes forever. Thank goodness I had this week off work, and that my daughter still naps for at least 2 hours a day. Or there would have been some extremely late nights.

This was also my first lace project, so I had no idea how the blocking worked. Thank goodness for Eunny's timely blog entry on blocking! And for her suggestion for using baby shampoo if one doesn't own wool wash. (can't find any locally, may need to order???) Baby shampoo we have aplenty here.

Enough with the verbage, on with the photos!

Before blocking, on the couch:

In it's baby shampoo bath, and draining: (yes, I rinsed too)

My daughter, who woke up just before I finished, decided to help:

Finally, blocking:

Freed from it's pins, the size is perfect. I'd take some photos outside, now it's ready, but...

Isn't it Christmas? Aren't I in Canada? WHERE'S THE SNOW???


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Oooh so very pretty!

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Love the color!