January 28, 2007

Adventures in Yarn Dyeing (Part 1 of ?)

Warning - not for the faint-of-heart

I've read a lot about dyeing one's own yarn. See here, here and here. I've drunk a lot of Kool-Aid in my time. (Friends from university in England thought it was bizarre.) This weekend, I thought it was time to give it a try.

The players:
2 packets Grape Kool-Aid
2 packets Ice Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid
1 100g hank Knit Picks Superwash/Nylon yarn

I chose the superwash solely because I did not want this to become a first time trying dyeing and felting in one.

Things started well. I'd chosen my pattern - Jaywalkers (again - see green socks)

I cast on in a different colour, and worked four rounds in pattern (pattern takes two rounds). Then I frogged, and worked out how much yarn I was using per round (32 inches).

I decided that I wanted the following yarn colour progression:
2 rounds colour A
4 rounds colour B
6 rounds colour A
4 rounds colour B.

Therefore, I needed 32x16=512 inches per pattern repeat. Thank goodness for our long, narrow house. I put two chairs ~250 inches apart, and started winding.

Hey! See that snow outside? Winter did arrive! I have proof: Chloe's first venture outside in full snowsuit.

Yes, I'm totally distracting you for the horror ahead. If you need to, come back and look at that picture. Cute! Of course it took longer to get her dressed than she actually spent outside, but that's half the fun. At least she's in diapers and I don't have to hear "Mommy, I gotta pee" once she's ready!

Does it look like there is probably not an entire hank's worth wrapped around the chair? Even if the chairs are ~250 inches apart? You're right:

Yes, that's one giant knot. Told you this wasn't for the faint of heart. Wish me luck...

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