January 03, 2007

Math Stuff

Wednesday nights I tutor two boys I met while coaching their kid sister soccer. They are currently in grades 10 and 11, and math is getting trickier. For me, math was one of my better subjects. Yes, you may think this makes me a nerd (and you're probably not too wrong), but I never realized how many aspects of my life I would use math in.

Work, definitely. Home, measuring drywall, baking, finances, all math related. Knitting, more math related than I had imagined.

All these numbers to scale down Cardigan for Arwen to fit a toddler. There's a lot of long division and ratios there. Do I own a calculator? Of course - but it was too far away.

Results? Getting there. The pattern calls for the hood to be worked in two sections, as extensions of the left and right fronts. During finishing, the hood is sewn together and is then sewn to the middle of the back section. I'm deviating from the pattern, and am working the hood as one piece using live stitches from the two fronts and the back. Lets hope it works!

Back to math for a sec - do you think that the next time my students ask "But I'm NEVER going to use this in real life" that answering with "you will if you knit" will get me anywhere?

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Swatchy said...

Let me know how your hood works out; I'm had the same idea. Anything to reduce seaming.