February 28, 2007


The reason I haven't been around is that we have been on vacation to England for two weeks. While we were there, Baby Arwen was delivered to her rightful owner, an entire Icarus Shawl was knitted, and socks from home-dyed yarn were played with. I'd love to show you some pictures, but we left our camera on the plane.

Trying to get it back has been a nightmare in that we can't seem to get through to anyone. We really need to talk to the baggage folks at the airport, but the only way to get directed to them is through the airline we used. This airline only has staff at the airport during certain hours, when all flights for that airline arrive, and we've tried for two days now, but every time the airline folks try to connect us to the baggage folks, there's no one there. Has anyone else had this nightmare?

On the plus side, our friend downloaded copies of all our pics before we left so that she had them for herself, so the worst case scenario, is that we've lost the camera, but not the pictures.

While I was away, I was successful in signing up for

which I'm really excited about! However I'll need a camera to post pics of my socks during the competition. So, either we get lucky with the airline, or there will be some unnecessary camera shopping.

I'll let you know how I get on. Right now, it's off to KnitPicks for me to do a LARGE sock yarn order!


Pikku- Kettu said...

Hey, I just wanted to pop by since we'll be in the same division (Stephanie's Travelling Sock division) in Sock Madness. Sort of like checking out the competition. ;)

I love the Baby Arwen you knit. It's so cute!

Little Miss Knitting Monkey said...

That literally sounds like a nightmare! It was great seeing you all though and i can't wait to see how far you've got on the sock :)

Keira x