March 14, 2007

All Socks, All The Time.

Sock Madness has begun. Here's my stash prior to starting:

I ordered enough for all 7 pairs. Even if I don't make it very far, I still want to do all the patterns. Round 1 began on Saturday morning, when the first pattern by Jennifer Young was released. By 8pm Sunday evening I had these, and as I was one of the first 16 from my division, I have now moved on to Round 2.

Yep, Sunday evening. One sock a day. New technique - short-row heel. (still have some small holes, but I'll figure that out next time). You'll note that the holes are smaller on the left foot - I'm assuming that was the second one. Yarn: Generic black from I think, Lana Grossa, and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in River. Others have praised the LLSS, and now I see why. It was such a pleasure to work with, I'm sure that's what made me knit quickly - couldn't wait to get through the black to get back to the blue. Needles - 2.5mm DPNs.

It is still being decided when Round 2 is beginning. From now on, it's heads-up. My competition is here. By the way - she left me a taunting note - anyone want to get her back??? For now, my Sock Madness Stash now looks like this:

For now, I'm resting my fingers. Anyone know of a good finger-therapist? Ouch!


Bridget said...

Yikes! You finished _well_ before I did in the first round; looks like I might not last long! Wish they say when the next round starts; I'm getting antsy! Or at least say which yarns they're going to use. Then I could occupy myself deciding what colors, and who to knit for, etc. (I'm planning on getting several gifts done during this. The first pair were supposed to be for a friend, but they turned out MUCH redder than anticipated. Ah, well, I guess I get to keep them! :-) )

Bridget said...

Yeah, I'm ready for Round 2! Bring it on!

Bridget said...

So, how far are you? This pattern is kicking my patootie--must be the sport weight on the size US0 needles (needed to get gauge). And choosing a stretchy yarn didn't help.

Not sure if I hope you're doing better, or having as much trouble as me! :-)