March 25, 2007

Who says Blackberrys are just for geeky love-work-types???

According to the BlackBerry website, BlackBerry devices are "A wireless email solution for mobile professionals". My husband and I both have one for work, and although my husband has been hooked for a while now (anyone heard the term CrackBerry?), I thought I could safely say that I could have given mine back at any time without too much of a loss. However, that was before the latest round of Sock Madness.

Round 2 started on Thursday. The organizers said that the pattern would be distributed between 4pm and 10pm (that's a 6 hour spread folks!) which for me, meant the difference between tidying my desk, and going to sleep. A lot of things can happen in that space of time! Still, I started checking my Gmail account about 3pm (Round 1's pattern was posted about an hour earlier than they had originally planned), but nothing arrived before 4:15, at which time I shut down my computer and headed for my train, my yarn and needles burning a hole in my bag.

My husband, fool that he is, managed to get on the same train as me - quite a rarity. I'm glad I didn't bring the camera, and that neither of us have phones with cameras. If we did, the picture would have been of me, clicking "Refresh" idiotically all the way home. My husband was rolling his eyes so hard I thought they might actually stay that way. (Did your parents say that when you were little? I truly believed them for ages.) I nearly jumped out of my seat when the pattern by Karin Bole arrived, and I managed to cast on and knit half a cuff while my husband drove home (via daycare).

By Friday night (okay, early Saturday morning) I had these:

Knitted on 2.75mm Brittany Birch DPNs, using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Rainbow. I was really pleased with the cuffs, which pooled really well, but I think the rest of the pattern was just too busy for the yarn. I had a suspicion of this when I saw the pattern, but it was the only sport-weight sock yarn in my possession.

Congratulations go out to my opponent-in-knitting who put up a valiant effort, but mine were finished in just enough time to move me on to Round 3. My lust for socks (and a little competition) has not abated a bit, and I have my Blackberry to thank :)


Michelle said...

You make me laugh. And Bill is very pleased at the number of times you mentioned Blackberry in your post! YAY for Round 3!!

wendy said...

Congratulations - and here's on to round 3, I too have made it through, much to my surprise as I was out on Thursday night and the pattern arrived at 9pm that night my time in the UK. Didn't get to start until the next morning and then with work (dammit - why must we got to work) I didn't get to complete them until Friday night but I made it!!
I didn't realise I was so competitive until I started this

Cindy said...

Congrats on making it to the next round! I was knocked out I'm afraid, but I will keep knitting along and I am enjoying this Sock Madness thing immensely! Maybe I should get a Blackberry, (or a Nokia version since my hubby works for them...) then next time I sign on for something like this I can kick some knitting butt! Just kidding- sort of ;)

SheepsPyjamas said...

Go Blackberry -- and see you in Round 3; congrats!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

You should have seen me trying to download Mad Cow in Round 1 in a hotel room and then sprinting around San Diego trying to find a copying shop open early Saturday morning (wouldn't you know the hotel printer was out of ink?) I think the sidelines and the memories that are going to come out of Sock Madness would make a book! Good luck in Round Three.