April 09, 2007

Global Warming?

We've all heard it - global warming is making the world an increasingly dire place to live. Why then, on Easter weekend, a time of flowers blooming, birds singing, thoughts of lambs skipping through the fields etc, do we have to deal with this?

Sock Madness

Continues (excuse the tights, but it was either that or unsightly legs). Round 3 complete:

On to round 4 for yours truly! My competitor this round was sadly blogless Nicole H, who resides just outside of Munich. A truly multi-cultural world series event. However, I think this has added a previously unintended twist. Nicole and I messaged back and forth quite frequently, which hadn't happened in previous rounds for me. This meant that when Nicole went to bed, she let me know how far along she was on her socks, whereas I, 6 hours behind, still had all evening to catch up/go ahead. Still, her socks are fantastic - she altered them slightly once she realized she was out, and they look awesome. Thanks Nicole for such a fun round!


You may have noticed this residing in my sidebar for quite a while now. I started it last fall, but in my "wisdom" I altered the pattern. Since my yarn is self-striping, I thought doing the intended pattern would be a bit much - it's 3 rows stockingette, 1 row garter - so I did all stockingette. Well, this threw my row gauge way off, and also made it curl incredibly. So, after gathering dust for ages, I decided to pull it out (a spring-cleaning, if you will) and sent it to the frog pond. Here's the progress after section 1 was reworked:

C'mon Round 4 - I can't wait any longer! :)

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