April 02, 2007


I have come to the realization that I'm not doing much knitting between rounds of Sock Madness. I am working on some socks for Chloe out of the remainder of my yarn from round 1, but nothing to post yet. In the meantime, here's the yarn I'm using for Round 3 which begins on Wednesday:

Colinette "Jitterbug" in Alizarene.

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Nicole H said...

Have seen the yarn on the flickr-group today and I like it as much as your rainbow-yarn from round 2. As you can see from my picture, I'm not that strong and I will have to decide on the yarn after I've seen the pattern (and probably cast on and rip again two or three times, loosing valuable time....)
By the way, is there a public holiday on Friday in the U.S.? We have the day off, which is not relevant for me, as I don't work Fridays, but my husband will be home, and can entertain the kids (my younger one is about the same age than your daughter, the older one turning 4 in a few weeks), which will hopefully give me the first real day of knitting in round 3.

I'm looking forward to the pattern release, hopefully we can both show at least a cast on sock tomorrow night.

Nicole H