June 27, 2007


Does this look like one of the 6 current works in progress?

I thought of the idea for this on Friday, and couldn't wait to get started (and finished). Let me know what you think - it's the first pattern I've ever designed, and I'd love to hear some feedback! It's a simple stockinette stitch pattern, with I-cord detail around the bottom and top, and it can be done with either normal straps, or the racer back straps seen above. It's made out of 100% cotton, so nice and cool (extremely necessary, since it's 43 degrees here with the humidex today!). You can get the pattern here.

Thanks to my daughter Chloe for being a fantastic model!


Michelle said...

I was hoping you'd have posted a picture of it. It looks fantastic! Chloe looks so grown up in those photos too!

Lizzy said...

Wow! I like it - can I order one for Sophie when you get a minute?! :)