June 13, 2007


It's been a while, I know. But don't let that fool you into thinking that I haven't been knitting - quite the opposite!

Round 5 of Sock Madness was my last :( here are my completed socks.

This competition was fantastically run, and it really created a whole community, not only for the time that the competition was running, but even today folks are still using the site. Plus, I won a prize!

Sock Madness Prize Yarn, hand-dyed in orange and purple (I see stripes!), chocolate, and there were also some beautiful stitch markers that seem to have walked away for the moment.

So what have I been working on? Well:

1. Curlique, with 5 out of 15 segments done. Still not convinced this is going to lie flat when completed, perhaps why I've slowed down!

2. Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vest. Had to do some craaaazy calculations, as my stitch and row gauge were way off. Just finished the waist decreases, and now need to try it on. I'm scared - I don't want to have to frog all that work!!! (Does that show how sure I am about my numbers?)

3. Mad Weave Sock (from the Sock Madness Patterns) loved the pattern, so started another pair. Only I ran out of yarn while I was in Kingston a few weeks back, and immediately cast on #5.

4. Argyles - I am a little further than this picture shows...

5. Cotton socks - my current commuter project. Unfortunately, with the weather being so hot, and bizarrely coinciding with a lack of air conditioning on my trains means little is getting accomplished.

6. Wait! There is one more - Anemoi Mittens - where the heck did they go? They must have shacked up with those stitch markers...

I used to be a one-project gal, but that has clearly gotten away from me! I can still say, however, that I absolutely refuse to buy needles I already own, and so with the following waiting for me (needles required are in use), hopefully some of the projects above will get done!

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Jenny Raye said...

WOW! You have been busy, and from the looks of it, you intend to stay that way :o) The KP Gloss looks yummy, what do you have planned for that?