July 23, 2007

My Lucky Number is 7...

... so I started another project!

This should be a quickie though.

I was at my local yarn store on Saturday, spending my birthday present (thanks Michelle!) and walked away with this in my hot little hands:

That's 3 balls of Noro Kureyon, colour 134 to be made into this, and one ball of Tofutsies sock yarn in a fantastic orangey colour that has not been done justice in the above photo.

I got started right away, and am nearly through my first ball - see? I said it'd be quick! (Aaah 6mm needles how I love thee.)

Actually I'm a little scared by the felting... any advice?


tratwo said...

I am addicted to felting! Do NOT be afraid. Just turn the washer to small load, throw in a couple of pairs of jeans put your knitted bag in a pillowcase and tie it shut. Turn on the HOT water and agitate heavily--One time should do it but if not try it again until it is the size you want. Do NOT put in the dryer.

Carrie said...

Thanks tratwo!

Cross your fingers for me!