July 11, 2007

One off, one on...

What does this mean?

That I've started this! (Seashell Shrug from Runway Knits by Berta Karapetyan)

But wait... weren't we holding off on starting something new because all the needles were in use? Why yes. Now before you go thinking that I've succumbed to purchasing multiple needles of the same size just to satisfy my startitis, think again. That money could be better used purchasing, yarn, amongst other things (like chocolate , which is all I can think about while using this yummy colour).

I have finished the curlicue blanket, but it is absolutely refusing to be photographed in a way that is anything near to prettiness. Unfortunately, even after a blocking session, it doesn't lie flat. However, I very much doubt that it will ever be in a state to be laid out flat, if it is to become a favourite snuggling blanket for my daughter. I'm also a little disappointed with the size - it's smaller then I thought, but I'll go into details when I have a picture worth showing!

Until then, a close-up:
P.S. Anyone else excited for Harry Potter this weekend? (If you've seen it already, I won't hate you, but I will sit here with a huge pout until Friday.)

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Little Miss Knitting Monkey said...

That colour is fantastic! Now i want chocoloate.....

Keira x