July 21, 2007

Useless facts

Did you know that your armspan is approximately your height?

Did you know that when you start the Seashell shrug you first work a shrug from wrist to wrist with some shaping around the neck, then pick up a whole bunch of stitches and knit the rest?

Did you know (or did you deduce from the above two comments) that this means your shrug is really really long? In my case, like 5 feet?

Did you know that I've never been so happy that I'm not any taller!!!

And lastly, where is my Harry Potter Book 7? It's 1:14pm! If you see a crazy gal knitting on her porch this afternoon, looking eagerly at every van/truck it's probably me. Please wave.


SJ Van Kessel said...

Hey Sis,

I assume by this time your Harry Potter book has arrived and your finished or close to. I was luck, Julie finished hers in 8 hours and it is now in my possession!

Linda said...

That Chocolate color is amazing! What yarn are you using? Is it as nice to work with as it is to look at?