August 04, 2007


Booga Bag

I'm ready to felt my Noro Bag, but I'm scared of breaking the washing machine. I'll wait until every piece of laundry is clean first...

Seashell Shrug

The Seashell Shrug is coming along nicely! I've completed the "shrug" portion, tried it on to make sure it fit, sewed up the arms, picked up loads of stitches around the neckline, and am now working the body.

I'd show you a picture of how the shrug part looked, but it was late at night and I think this is one that will need outdoor photos so it doesn't look like a blob.

Sewing up the arms was my first attempt at mattress stitch. Now, I am not the most patient person in the world (stop laughing if you know me!) and mattress stitch nearly killed me. Having said that, I was really pleased with the results:

It's kinda hard to see, so I've added some Amazing Green Lines. The pattern is a 2x2 rib, and since it hasn't been blocked, the purls disappear. The green parallel lines indicate where the purls are. The pattern indicates that the first two and last two stitches on the right side are knit stitches. Since mattress stitch means losing one stitch from either side, you're left with two knits together, flanked by 2 purls on each side - meaning that it becomes nearly impossible to tell it apart from other 2-knit sections (see arrow). Yup, that's my seam. It's slightly bulky there, because of the first and last stitches disappearing to the inside, but otherwise very difficult to tell from the rest of the sleeve!

Once that was done, I picked up a million (well it seemed like it) stitches around the neckline of the shrug:

...and am now working the body. Here's a close-up - I'm about 7 rows in.

Like my hi-tech stitch markers?

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