September 06, 2007

Fall already?

So my hubby and I had a wonderful weekend away, and Little Miss Chloe had an equally enjoyable weekend with her Grandma. Not surprisingly, Grandma remembered that taking care of a toddler is pretty much life-support - eating, sleeping, diapers, oh - and running.

I got started on my first Pomatomus and tonight I finished the first one. All except the grafting which I usually do both together at the end. Strangely enough, I find it difficult to get shoes on with a long pointy needle across my toes :)

The best part about this pattern is that it definitely keeps you interested as you work it. The chart after the first repeat only needs to be referred to every 7th or 8th row. Also, I think it was designed for my feet! It took EXACTLY 3 repeats along the foot.

See the arrow? See how that last half-circle finishes exactly where the toe starts? I see identical socks coming... say it with me... aaaaahhhhh. Without counting.

As for the Seashell Shrug, it's chugging along. It's incredibly difficult to photograph though. Here it is:

One of the reasons it's taking so long is that the rows are getting longer and longer. I originally picked up just over 200 around the neckhole of the shrug, and I'm now (rough estimation) over 400. A closeup of the increases:

Just so I can prove (to myself more than anyone) that progress is being made, here's the side increase where my markers are. The red markers are every 16 rows, the black one is counting in 4s between the 16s. I need 5 reds to be All Done. Stick with me, we're getting there.

The mornings are beginning to get a little cooler and I'm really looking forward to this being done.

I was watching TV tonight (Big Brother 8) when I saw an ad for Lotto 6-49 (Ontario Lottery) and it got me thinking. If you had an infinite amount of money to spend on ONE knitting project, what would you choose?

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