September 09, 2007

Pattern Pet Peeves

Apparently, I'm not as close to finishing the Seashell Shrug as originally thought. Grrrr. This means I'm going to have to purchase more yarn, so I'm not a happy camper tonight. My problem, and I've run into this before, is in how the pattern is written.

Once the stitches are picked up around the neckline, the pattern takes you through the first 16 rows. Then it says, "repeat rows 1-16 five times". Great! Fortunately for my finished project, I was looking at it last night and thought to myself, this doesn't look long enough in comparison with the picture. So back I went to the pattern, to check the number of repeats - 5 times. Fortunately, the pattern does state the total number of stitches at the end.

A little math....

(Chloe helped) ....and I got it - 5 additional repeats for a total of 6 will give me the stitch count. Thank goodness I hadn't started casting off. Okay, that's an exaggeration, I'm not that close - but you get my drift.

As I said, I've encountered this before. It's not that the pattern is misleading, or incorrect, I just think it could be clearer. Something like "repeat X times more for a total of Y times" should do the trick. Just sayin'.

Lots of car driving (not by me) this weekend means Pomatomus sock #2 is waiting for a heel turn:

I darkened this picture slightly so as not to burn a hole in anyone's retina!

I'm also starting to contemplate my next project. This started before the shrug issues, and I think that's why I'm annoyed. I really want to do Reid next for Chloe - the weather is a little cooler, especially in the mornings, and I'm looking forward to a quick knit. I am promising here, to the whole world that I will not cast on another project until the shrug is off the needles.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I've run into that problem before!

But guess what?! I finished the front and back of my sweater! Just started the first sleeve!