December 12, 2007

Didn't expect me back so soon?

Really, who would blame you?

Yet here I am! I've been playing with some ideas for the Durrow arm cables. Here's the arm from Chris' Durrow:

I started Bill's with a 5-rib cable instead. (CAUTION - huge segue ahead)

I'm only now starting to appreciate the power of Ravelry (and Google). I went onto Ravelry to see if anyone else had changed the cable on Durrow. Sure enough, someone there had used a 5-rib braid, which I really liked the look of. I Googled "Five-rib braid", found this, and I was off.

That's the 5-rib braid at #1 below:

I liked how it was looking, but I was concerned that it was too narrow. Sure enough, when I held the sleeve against my finished Durrow, it was. I think this probably has something to do with the fact that the original cable, while quite complex (3 charts!), doesn't actually cross very often. It starts on a background of 18 purl stitches, but then increases when the cables start to 26 - 2 for each knitted 'strand'. Because it doesn't cross very often, the resulting material is quite flexible and stretchy still, like rib.

The 5-rib braid, while also over 18 stitches, doesn't increase, and is not very flexible. Once I realized this (at line above section 1) I began playing. The 5-rib braid alternates 2 knits with 1 purl on the right side. I increased all the single purls to 2 purls, and then added an additional right-side row between the cabling to allow the stitches to migrate towards each other before the crossing. (See section 2). Decided this was too open, and removed the additional right-side row. (See section 3).

I think this'll work - I'll rip back, start again, and once I have a decent number of repeats, I'll show you how it's going... if I like it, I'll chart the cable in case anyone wants to know exactly how it's done. I'm sure it has a specific name somewhere, as all these cables seem to do. If I find a source, I'll link to it :)

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