December 11, 2007

Oh boy...

... it's been a while!

Usually this means that I've been knitting like crazy, with no chance to blog. Unfortunately, this time away has been different. I'm blaming my knitting lull on my growing bump - perhaps this means it's a boy? (Not that boys can't knit, just that they're less likely to.) Either way, I don't think it's a knitter.

For the first trimester, I imagine my lack of knitting progress had something to do with being in bed by 8:30pm every night. My excuse for the second trimester so far has to be the writer's strike. Since the majority of my knitting gets done in front of the TV, and there isn't much on these days, it just hasn't been happening!

As for progress, there has been little that has been photo-worthy. The argyle socks are mid-foot, an endless (it seems) circle of black yarn. Round and round and round with little progress (darn those 2mm needles!). The Seashell Shrug is 5 measly rounds from completion, but with each round taking roughly 45 mins, it seems endless. Photos are meaningless, as the pile of sweater doesn't really change shape.

Then why is she blogging you ask? Oh ye of little faith! I knit Durrow for my husband a few winters ago (pre-blog), and my friend's hubby asked for one. Now I consider this one of the highest compliments that anyone could say about my knitting. Not only is someone asking for a project, but it's a guy! Who's not related to me! Anyway, the yarn has been languishing in a bag, for a while, and I figure why not get rid of these knitting blahs by completing something I've done before (so I know it works).

Here's the back (the colour's not exactly right, it's more grey-brown than the pictures show):

And a nice closeup of some 4x2 rib:

However, I'm unable to do EXACTLY the same pattern twice, so I think I'm going to do a different cable on the arms. Which one? Not a clue.

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