February 05, 2008

Well, another month seems to have disappeared from my life, with no knitting pictures to show for it. I'm amazed how fast time is flying right now!

One of the reasons for so few knitting progress pictures is a huge frustration I have with my camera. It's a good 'un, but for some reason, I have difficulty getting decent photos indoors. I've tried all the nifty funky settings, but they come out looking like fake photos, like something drawn in a software package and not the truly textile photos I'm trying to achieve.

Bill's Durrow got finished on Sunday in front of the Superbowl, and I've tried and tried to take some half-decent photos, but it just isn't working. He (and the rest of his gorgeous family) are coming over on the weekend, so perhaps I'll get him to model outside for me if it's not too cold. I'm really pleased with the finished results, hopefully he is too! And since the groundhogs seem to be differing in their predictions, (here he didn't see his shadow, or did he?) we can expect at least 6 more weeks of cold weather here for him to wear it in.

Compounding my photo-frustration, is the fact that I was able take this using the teeny tiny camera in my Blackberry:

Finished Monkey Sock #1, completed last weekend during the mediation stage of some pretty major contract negotiations going on here. Mediation should be defined as "much sitting around waiting for the other side and/or mediator" but can also be defined as "plenty of time to learn how to play Euchre and knit on some socks that have been languishing in my bag".

Now I'm sure there are folks out there saying "Natural Light! Natural Light! That's what's making the difference!" I beg to differ. This is the view from my window today.

Normally a picturesque view over Toronto Island (with many condos built and half-built in between), today a foggy, misty, rainy mess. It's dark, dreary, drizzly, what I call terribly British winter weather. But no fear! 15cm of snow due tomorrow!

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