April 23, 2008

More socks!

This round was far too close for comfort!

Round 4 of Sock Madness was set to start between 6am and 10am Monday morning, EST. The organizers are fantastic at making sure that the pattern releases are at different times of day, different days of the week, to ensure fairness for most people at some point.

This timing was one of the worst possible for me! The pattern was finally released at 9:05am, just as I walked into my office building. Grr! Still, I started after work, finished all of sock #1 except the toe and heel and went to bed at midnight. Tuesday I had an early morning doctor's appointment, and for the first time, was really hoping my OB would be called out for multiple emergency c-sections or something. I was up until 2am, and had these:

Pattern: Something's Shady by Corey LaFlamme
Needles: 2.5mm (a little tight - should have gone up to the 2.75mm)
Yarn: KnitPicks Bare Fingering Weight. The pattern includes information on dyeing after the pattern has been completed!

My only beef with the pattern is that it includes an afterthought heel. I like the concept - if you walk through the heel before the rest of the sock is worn, you can simply pull out the heel and reknit another one. But, in the interests of speed-knitting, I must have been doing something wrong. The heel included a 2-row waste-yarn concept, I'd only read about a 1-row. When I removed the waste yarn to pick up the stitches for the heel, one row unzipped really nicely, but the other required tons of unpicking. It took me easily 20 minutes to pick up the stitches (each sock!).

The procedure for completion is to post your finished pictures to the group Flickr account, and then email the organizers with a link. Once I'd finished, it looked like there were either one or two spaces left in my division (one person hadn't posted their division, and I wasn't sure which division they were in). I posted my pic, flipped over to compose my email, sent my email, and flipped back to Flickr. In that time, someone else from my division had posted (!). Turns out her email beat mine to the organizers by less than 5 minutes! Fortunately, it turns out that she was #5, and I was #6. Far too close to comfort, but on to Round 5!

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