May 06, 2008

I have a Problem

I have a Problem. Although, I hear once you admit that you have one, it becomes a problem as opposed to a Problem, or a PROBLEM. The good thing about knitting blogs – people can tell me that my Problem is also their Problem, and the more people that have that Problem means it’s not a Problem. Or perhaps we’re all just delusional :)

I was doing really well at tidying up loose ends, finishing up some projects that have been languishing on the needles for far too long. Gathering Intentions is done, sewn, blocked, and apart from getting a decent picture, is ready for the fall. Socks have been coming and going far too quickly, due to Sock Madness 2, that it’s hard to keep track. Reid has a finished back, and had one nearly finished front before I realized I’d made a crucial error and had to rip the whole thing out. The left front is nearly finished again.

On to the Problem: this morning, I’m wandering around the house waiting to leave for my Doctor’s appointment. At this point, I’m ready for this baby to arrive NOW, and am hopeful that I won’t make next week’s appointment because it’ll be over. Anyway, I’m trying to decide what to take to my appointment, as there is always a chance of a long wait. Reid is being done on straights, and I hate taking straights out of the house. I can’t use them on the train (unless the person beside me likes getting stabbed), and they’re just too awkward. Round 6 of Sock Madness starts on Friday, and I reserve judgement on needle sizes until I see the pattern and how many stitches are being used. By the way – I’m into the final 12! 3 people from each division are left, so I’m assuming that in Round 6 it’ll be the top person from each division as Round 7 is the Grand Finale. Anyway, knowing I’m not going to get a whole sock done between now and Friday, all sock needles are off limits, and Reid is evening TV knitting. I don’t own duplicates of any sizes, and I’m now beginning to see the problems with this rule!

So what did I do?

I cast on for another project. And not just a little one, either. Another Alphabet Blanket from the Debbie Bliss’ The Baby Knits book. I’ve done this pattern before, in fact it was my Knitting Olympics project from February 2006. Then, I just got it done in the 16 day time-frame. This baby is due in 15 days. Think I can make it?

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