May 15, 2008

So many projects...

Ooh so much knitting has been happening around here, I'm not sure where to start! I think I'm most excited about the photos themselves, and not what's actually in the photos. Being a person who works full time, I always struggle with getting decent photos. Dark (or at least dusk) when I get home, and weekends often simply too busy with a 2 1/2 whirlwind around. I'm constantly in awe of people like Cara and Jared, whose photos are always so beautiful. Their knits are beautiful too, but I believe a good photo makes them look even better.

So what did I do today, with the Whirlwind in daycare, while I await the arrival of Baby? I took advantage of the lovely sunshine outside, and our deck, to take some progress shots. Before we get to those though, Sock Madness is over for yours truly. Boo.

Round 6 (12 competitors left, top one from each of the 4 divisions through to the final) was last Friday. See? Nearly a week ago, this must have hurt me if it's taken me 6 days to write about it. Pattern was released in time to allow me to get this much done before work:It then burned a hole in my bag all day. I knit all the way home, then after Chloe was in bed. I had originally intended to just go, go go until I was finished, but I changed my mind. I had some Signs that baby was intending to make an appearance and thought it probably wasn't worth it to pull an all-nighter knitting, if I was going to be sleepless in the very near future. So at 10pm I put down my needles (trust me, this was harder than I thought) and went to bed. I was fully expecting to wake up to defeat, but I did not. A progress pic from one of the other 2 from my division (further along than I was), and deafening silence from the other. So I figured, I'd just knit all day Saturday (between grocery shopping, playing with Chloe etc.) until I was eliminated. I checked the website after each section, and actually began to think I may make it through - sock one finished, no other posts. Sock 2 toe complete, check site, nothing. Sock 2 foot complete, check site, nothing. Sock 2 heel complete, check site, nothing. Sock 2 with 2 rows to go before cuff, and I'm out. OOOhhhh only an hour and I'd have been done! Why didn't I just stay up until 11? Grr.

Still, here are the socks at the point I was eliminated.
They haven't moved since. Although the pattern was fun, I'm not really a cuff kinda girl, and so I think these will be frogged. The yarn is KnitPicks Essential. There was an optional pattern between rounds 5 and 6 that I didn't do, because I wasn't sure which yarn would be best, and I think this will show it up nicely.

The finalists do battle on May 22nd - good luck all!

Reid has been motoring along, pictures from today - can you tell? Look at that sunshine! Here we have completed back, fronts, and most of sleeve #1.Alphabet Blanket nearly finished the first row of letters.
And just some more proof that summer is coming...

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