June 10, 2008

Knitting has been accomplished, even with Camryn's arrival. I used to get a good solid few hours of knitting time, once Chloe was in bed, but now I have to just snatch a row here and there when I can. Still, those rows add up!

After the completion of Gathering Intentions, I knew my next sweater would be Autumn Rose. What scares me about this project is the steeking. Not the actual cutting of the fabric, but more the finality of the process. No ripping back if it doesn't fit, this has to work first time. So, in a rare Carrie move, I swatched.

Here's the swatch before washing and blocking. I'm loving the colours, although I did get a little sick of winding what seemed like millions of balls before I started. Next, I'll wash and block, and see whether we have gauge. I did this swatch on 3.25mm needles, even though the pattern calls for 3mm, as I always seem to have to go up a size when doing Eunny's patterns. Plus, I have the correct 3.25mm circular, but I don't have one in a 3mm. Fingers crossed!

Alphabet Blanket is coming along nicely, I'm loving the sunny yellow colour!

In an unrelated note, England failing to qualify for Euro 2008 has led to a unified fan base here at CVK-land. Usually we have the English flag proudly waving from my side of the car, and the Holland flag from the other. When the teams play each other, our house is not the most pleasant place to be. With only one flag on the car, it was easy to celebrate Holland's 3-0 win over Italy yesterday - Go Netherlands!

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