September 18, 2008


This poor blog is not getting the attention it deserves. The Apres Surf Hoodie is progressing nicely, albeit slowly, and there are many more progress pics I could have posted between the last one and this one.

Wendy manages to post nearly every day, and while I feel there are days where my knitting would look exactly the same, I could post some more progress than I do.

I have been waylaid somewhat by an Idea that came to me. I had the idea of a super chunky knit cabled cardigan for a friend's girl down the street. She loves her sweaters, and may just become my new, animated dress form model. I also like the idea of using different yarn weights to get different sizes, rather than just altering the number of stitches etc. It means the pattern would be super easy to read, without all the "cast on 1 (2, 3, 4, 5)" confusion which can make patterns seem daunting to a new knitter.

After my dream sweater (because it came to me in a dream, not because it's a dream sweater), I grabbed some super chunky yarn, (just one ball, in case it didn't work) and started.

Perfect. Came out exactly as I was hoping (this is the start of the back). Used exactly one ball to get this far. Went back for more, the very next day. Next morning, in fact. DISCONTINUED. Not joking. Searched everywhere in the area that sells yarn, and even online. No one has more than 2 balls, and I need 5 more I think. I'm not paying for shipping from 3 retailers! (It's Bernat Glacier, in Arctic Sky) So, I'll have to go search for a replacement. Pity, the recipient was loving it. Great colour, and although it's not showing up on the picture, it's got almost a
silvery sheen to it that sparkles. Damn. Worst part was, the yarn was on sale when I got the first ball, but thought I'd just go back for more. Last time I do that!

Back to Apres Surf, I'm just about to start the shaping of the sleeve cap on sleeve #1, front and back are finito!
The best part, I get to seam it all together after the next sleeve, before the hood and band. So I'll get to see how it looks - I can't wait!

(By the way, I appreciate that the Apres Surf Hoodie will take even longer by starting something new in the middle, but I think I wanted some instant gratification knitting)

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