December 23, 2008

So close I can taste it

And I'm not just talking about the visit of Annual Gift-giving Man.

Apres Surf Hoodie is finished! To be honest, it's been off the needles for a while. Since my last post in... September! Oh dear. It has been a while.

At the end of September my parents came to visit us from England. It was my mum who taught me to knit when I was 7, and it was really cool to be able to show her some neat tricks like three-needle bindoffs and mattress stitch for her to add to her knitting repository! The student becomes the teacher.

Back to Apres Surf - here's a finished pic for you - it's finally bright enough (mainly due to the foot and a half of snow outside) to get a decent picture. It's not on me, because I need to wash and block it. I've worn it, and it's a little snug, so I'm hoping it relaxes slightly after a nice bath. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm scared it's going to shrink, which is I think why I've taken so long to wash it. If it does shrink, it's off to a friend's house as an impromptu Christmas gift.

If it does fit, I'll post some more pictures!

I've been working on the Cleopatra Wrap from Sensual Knits, which is a lovely pattern, very easy to memorize (after those first 40 rows). This was destined to be a Christmas gift, but based on the fact that it's December 23rd, and the recipient lives in another country, it's not going to happen. I need a schedule like Stephanie.

Besides knitting, we've been busy getting ready for Christmas! Here's Chloe helping me decorate cookies (which if you look closely are shaped as traditional Christmas trees... and Winnie the Pooh characters).

Snow has come fast and furious to our little corner of the world, and I'm hoping, just hoping for a white Christmas. It's looking probable, but I'd hate to jinx it for all the little ones!

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Cindy/Snid said...

Oh! I had forgotten how much I liked that sweater! Nice.. must add to queue! I wonder how it would look in linen?...

Merry Christmas!