March 23, 2009

Um... since when did time just disappear like that?

So I just checked the calendar, and apparently it's March. Spring is here. (Although the weather here wouldn't agree with that.) Have you missed me? I've missed you!

I have been knitting, but not much photographic evidence. Going back to work has meant being out of town a lot, and while for some folks that would mean lots of knitting time, for me it means lot of hanging out with members and keeping them happy (and plied with nice wine).

I realized my first week back at work that I had no winter hat. Standing on a freezing platform at 7 in the morning is just not fun, without a wooly hat. So I sat down, and in a few evenings I had a Gretel. She was made from KnitPicks Merino Style in Vanilla. She was soft, and deliciously warm. She got left on the train. :(

A few weeks later, I sucked it up, and made another one. This one was made in Cranberry coloured Bernat Satin, and is fantastic. Unfortunately, she's shy (well, out in the car, too far away to go ask for a photo op). A friend at work saw it, and asked for one. Luckily, we were in a hotel within walking distance from Lettuce Knit where we found some gorgeous Cascade 220 Wool Heather in a fantastic purple colour. (I may have accidentally fallen into the Socks that Rock pile, and a skein must have thrown itself into my hands, because I seem to have paid for it.) I had the needles with me, having just finished Gretel #2, but was rather foolish. Here I am, miles from my umbrella swift and skein winder. How to deal with a skein?

Hotel lamps DO come in handy! It was exactly the right circumference, and spun round like a dream! I had a ball in no time! Gretel #3 is finished too, and I foolishly handed her off to her new owner without taking a photo. Silly!

Sock Madness has begun it's craziness, and here's pair number one. I didn't do any crazy all-nighters with this one, just worked on it whenever I had a spare moment. Still, we got the pattern Thursday morning on the way to work, and I was done by yesterday evening.

Pattern - Tropical Mer-tini
Needles - 2.5mm DPN
Yarn - 2 skeins KnitPicks Palette in Rainforest Heather

(I'm more of a beer person than a martini person, hence the picture)

Great pattern by Raspberry (as she's known on Ravelry), uses a knit and purl pattern resembing the drunkard's quilt pattern, and features an afterthought heel, but a flap and gusset style afterthought heel. I know you're thinking "huh?!?!?" and I was too! Worked though!

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